Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slow going but getting there

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the morning with awesome Katie learning how to knit. How much fun we had! It soon came out that we both had craft/sewing blogs to which the response was a big "No wonder you two are picking up knitting so quickly!". Well, I think Katie is picking it up a lot more quickly than I. While she has since completed this masterpiece, all I have to show is this:

Maybe, just maybe I'll have a finished, albeit wonky, dishcloth to show by the next class.


Katie Jean said...

It's looking great! If it makes you feel better, I pretty much knit for two days straight and left Isaiah to his own vices. A few crayons were consumed (by him, not me) ;)

Sharon said...

Congrats on learning to knit!! You'll be a full-fledged member before too long....then you'll be ours *bwahahahahahahahah*


Anonymous said...

Ohh what a great feeling it will be to finish that first project and know that you now have another craft you can do. Before long to will be hooked.

Lil D said...

Don't worry, I am the slowest knitter in the West. No, really.