Friday, August 21, 2009

July Block

Yes, late again. Perhaps August will be the month that I finally get caught up. I'm hopeful. For July, the challenge was to do a block that incorporated circles. I wimped out and decided to applique circles versus curved seaming. I hope she likes it! I love the fabrics she sent.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slow Weekend

If only they could all be that slow. Hope your week is going well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Format change - more info

Thanks for being so understanding about the format change of my RSS feed. Since several of you asked, I thought I'd give you a little more information on how I found out that my content was being illegally published as well as how to change the settings of your RSS feed to make it more difficult for people to do this.

I found out by accident. I was actually looking up a dress pattern that I had made to see other versions of the dress. I googled "Simplicity XXXX" (I can't remember the number right now) and I clicked on the third site that appeared. To my surprise, I saw it was my post - word for word! There were no links back to my site, and I was not given credit for the post anywhere. I couldn't really understand how it got there. After browsing through the site, I found several other posts of mine on there. The site appeared to have posts from other sewers, though I didn't recognize the other blogs (again, the original posters were not given credit and there were no links to the original blog). I found out who the publisher of this blog was (someone in Singapore), and emailed him and asked him to take down my content. Thankfully, he did. My guess is that this person set up a blog of their own and ripped off other sewing blogs with the intent of getting money from adclicks. I was never given an explanation. The scary thing is that I found this out by accident, so I have no idea how many other sites out there may be publishing my content without my permission.

Changing your RSS feed to "preview" mode makes it harder for people to rip off your posts. In Blogger, click on the Settings Tab, then click on "Site Feed". Under "Blog Posts Feed", click on the "short" option.

I hope this helps.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Format change

Just a little heads up for those reading my blog through Bloglines or Google Reader: You have to go to my blog now to read/see my posts in entirety (including pictures). My RSS feed will only show a preview. I recently discovered that someone was copying my words and pictures and publishing them on their blog as their own, obviously without my permission. It freaked me out enough to change the way I post to make it more difficult for people to do this. So, I apologize for making it a little more difficult to read my posts but I hope you'll still stop by. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hopscotch Quilt

My very good friend, who I've known since we met in Brownies many many years ago, had her first baby this summer. It's a good thing I finished this in time for her shower in May (yes, I have a backlog of projects to show), because little baby Hank surprised us all by showing up a week earlier than expected!

I used the Hopscotch Quilt pattern in Super Simple Quilts #1 and some Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope fabrics. It really was a simple quilt to make. This was the first time that I tried free motion quilting. I'm not one hundred percent happy with the quilting, but it turned out OK. The BSR foot on my Bernina helped it from turning out to be a complete disaster, I'm sure. Practice, practice, practice, they say.

On a side note, I really need to find a suitable area to take pictures of quilts. This was taken in my upstairs hall, which is entirely too narrow to even get a full shot of a baby quilt.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two months

Yesterday was the two month mark for our upcoming wedding. I've been pretty hands on in the planning process, and while it's been stressful at times (for me and those around me), I think I'll look back on the day and be glad when I see my personal touch in some of the details. I have a lot of thoughts to share about wedding planning. I feel like I've learned a lot in this process. But I'll save that for a longer post. For now, here's a wedding board (one of many) that I have been using as my inspiration.

Via Snippet and Ink

Monday, August 10, 2009


June Block 2, originally uploaded by CreativeReveries.

I miss this little space. I want to be here more than I have been. So, this morning I decided I'm going to try and be here more often, no matter what. I don't think I can promise to post every day, but how about every other day? I'm going to try people, I really am. Because I have things to show you. Things I've made (like the spiderweb block I made for Stephanie for the Pieced Together Quilting Bee). Things that have inspired me. Things I just want to share. Also, I miss hearing from you all.

This weekend I took the cover off of my sewing machine and made a dress out of Garden Party fabric. I can't wait to show you (though I have other things I might show you first).

See you back here again soon, ok?