Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simplicity 2584

Finally, a non-wedding related post! This post is long overdo. I made this dress earlier in the summer after seeing this beautiful version. It was a fun dress to make too. I actually stayed home sick from work one day, but not wanting to spend the day on the couch, I instead revived myself by cutting and sewing away. By the end of the day, I felt completely renewed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two weeks

Yes, I know it's all been wedding wedding wedding around here, but with only two weeks to go until I say "I do," it's hard NOT to talk about the wedding. People keep telling me how calm I seem, but I've definitely had some not-to-proud moments this past week behind closed doors. The small details left to decide and a busy time at my real job have been a bit overwhelming at times.

Everything is mostly in place, however, and we are so excited. The pictures in this post are of the ceremony and reception site. These were taken this summer, so just imagine the leaves with a bit more color.

Let's hope the weather two weeks from today resembles the day these pictures were taken - sunny and warm - rather than today's weather - drizzly and chilly! I'm prepared for whatever happens, however. I know that no matter what, it will be a beautiful (and FUN!) day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flower girl Dresses

They're essentially done! Since this picture, I have hemmed them and now just need to add a simple ribbon sash. The color is really off in this photo. The fabric is a beautiful, rich, light purple (not quite lavender) dupioni silk. I found the silk at G-Street Fabrics back in March and knew I wanted to make something out of it for the wedding. After looking for non-white flower girl dresses (call me selfish, but I want to be the only one wearing white on the big day), my decision was made! The silk was easy to work with, though it frayed a ton! I used Simplicity 4647 for the pattern and have nothing but high marks to give it. However, I did omit the layers of tulle it called for as the dress puffs out enough on it's own. I'll show pictures of the dresses in action after the wedding!

Friday, September 11, 2009

DIY Wedding To-do's

Kristen and I are getting married on the same day, exactly one month from today. October 11, 2009. It's been fun following along with her as she plans her wedding. She is also being very hands on and crafting a personal wedding. I'm sure her event will be gorgeous. She asked me this week what is left on my to-do list, and so Kristen, I am happy to oblige.

(At least I can check off one item from my general to-do list: the
August block for the Pieced Together Quilting Bee.)

My DIY Wedding Torture To-Do List:

Save the dates - done!
Invitations - signed, sealed, delivered!
Napkins - done!
Cake topper - done!
Hair flower - almost done
Flowergirl dresses - almost done
Flowergirl baskets - almost done
Directional signs for ceremony and reception site - almost done
Table numbers
Fabric bunting for decor
Bridesmaid gifts
Shrug/bolero for me (I get cold easily and the wedding is outside, in October - please pray for a sunny warm day!)
Guest book (?)
Favors (?)

Goodness, this list seems pretty long considering I only have four weeks to go! I'll share some of these projects with you soon - I hope!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DIY Wedding - Napkins!

I finished all of our wedding napkins - all one hundred and twenty of them. Aren't they pretty?

Now, before I let you sit there thinking that I slaved away this summer hemming napkins in my free time, I'll let you in on a little secret: I only did a proper hem on thirty of them. The rest got trimmed with pinking shears. (Shhhhhh - don't tell Martha!) Why waste time and yardage on napkins that I intend to cut up and quilt after the wedding? By my calculations, I saved myself at least 24 hours of work and three yards of fabric. Those hems add up!

I'm already thinking about quilts to make with these after the wedding is over. Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My little temper tantrum

Oh.my.gosh. Is it really September? I am not ready. No I am not. I'm not ready to pull out my sweaters and jackets. I'm not ready to hear the drone of football games streaming from a tv somewhere. I'm not ready for the sun to set before I get home. I'm not ready for the wedding to be here and gone. I'm just not ready! Tonight I am having an internal temper tantrum about Fall being here without my permission. Perhaps I can find a silver lining in it though in the form of some yarn and needles that weren't quite ready for the summer earlier this year.

On the needles (since February I might add): Francis Revisited