Friday, September 11, 2009

DIY Wedding To-do's

Kristen and I are getting married on the same day, exactly one month from today. October 11, 2009. It's been fun following along with her as she plans her wedding. She is also being very hands on and crafting a personal wedding. I'm sure her event will be gorgeous. She asked me this week what is left on my to-do list, and so Kristen, I am happy to oblige.

(At least I can check off one item from my general to-do list: the
August block for the Pieced Together Quilting Bee.)

My DIY Wedding Torture To-Do List:

Save the dates - done!
Invitations - signed, sealed, delivered!
Napkins - done!
Cake topper - done!
Hair flower - almost done
Flowergirl dresses - almost done
Flowergirl baskets - almost done
Directional signs for ceremony and reception site - almost done
Table numbers
Fabric bunting for decor
Bridesmaid gifts
Shrug/bolero for me (I get cold easily and the wedding is outside, in October - please pray for a sunny warm day!)
Guest book (?)
Favors (?)

Goodness, this list seems pretty long considering I only have four weeks to go! I'll share some of these projects with you soon - I hope!


Katie said...

Oh wow, I'm getting married on october 10th. I don't know if I have read that you said that earlier and I forgot or what. I don't have a list of things left to do cause it stresses me out to think too much in advanced, so it's just what I have to do soonest.

For our guest book we are doing a guest quilt. I'm piecing together the top (but only in large chunks so it's not tons of little fabric pieces and not one large piece) and having people sign it. It's something you can think about doing.

Kelly O. said...

instead of a bolero how about a pashmina and then give your bridesmaids pashminas as part of their gifts...

lsaspacey said...

Just remember, if you start getting too stressed that you don't really need programs or favors. In the long run, think of the weddings that you've important were those things to you as a guest? Would you have wanted the couple to have stressed themselves about those?
So, good luck and have FUN!!!

Elizabeth B. (blue.crab) said...

I also did a wedding quilt for our guest book. It would be a good way for you to use your napkin fabrics as well. Here's a link to my quilt for you to look at. And don't get too stressed.

Philigry said...

good luck on all of your projects! i can not wait to see them all! i made fabric bunting for the kids rooms and instead of sewing, i made teo tiny, tiny holes on either side of the top and I strung twine through the fabric. they turned out reall good, and it saved time.

Anonymous said...

What is a pashima? Hmmmm....