Saturday, April 15, 2006

Where was I?

I have been pretty negligent on the blogging. Unfortunately I tend to have a one-track mind so I focus all my energies into one thing at a time. This week, when I realized that there are only 20 weeks left till the triathlon, I began to freak out about the biking aspect. I completely ignored it while I was focusing on the swimming bit (see what I mean about a one-track mind?) thinking that it would be no big deal. But then I started reading Holly's blog about a flat tire she got when she was riding home. A flat tire? Eek! I have no idea how I would fix a flat on a bike (I was going to say something about fixing a flat on cars but don't want to jinx myself). Then I started to think about my bike and it's current shape. Let's put it this way: I bought it two springs ago for $25 off of Craigslist. The bike was in OK condition, but it definitely needed an $80 tune-up to get it in great condition. I rode it to the pool yesterday and on my way back I stopped by the bike shop just to take a little 'peak'. Ok, my bike is a mammoth compared to those road bikes. The wheels are so clunky, the frame is heavy and it isn't the right size for me. So...I'm gonna buy a bike! Ahhh! That's how I feel. It'll be my biggest purchase in quite a while, but I'm super excited. My only hesitation is that I won't ride it enough after the triathlon to warrant buying it. But, I have to be positive and think that I'll have such a great time at the tri in August that I'll sign up for another one. Afterall, I am having a ton of fun training for it alone.

In swimming news, Beth and I decided last night to just swim and see how long we could swim for. I got into a somewhat trance as I pulled myself through the water, concentrating on my breathing (then remembering to kick!) that I didn't look at the clock until I finished 20 minutes later! I really could have gone longer too, I was just getting a little tired of the bubbles popping in my ear (Anyone ever use earplugs? How do they work?). I am so impressed at how far Beth and I have come. To think that two and a half months ago we got winded just swimming 20 meters!

I've run a few times since the10kk (I average about 2-3 runs a week). I can tell my running has improved just by the enjoyment factor. I've only gone once this week. I meant to run yesterday but, alas, I left my running shoes at home. I plan on getting up early for a run tomorrow morning before my dreaded telephone interviewing assignment for class.

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