Monday, August 14, 2006


Yippee. There are few things I like more than coming home from work to packages filled with goodies. First, the shoes:

Oh I love these shoes. I splurged a little but it's been so long since I've bought shoes I allowed this little indulgence. The pictures don't really do them justice. They are shades of green and oh so cute and I can't wait to tromp around in them in San Francisco.

I also received these gorgeous folk art dessert plates from Anthropologie. I have been looking for decorative plates to adorn a certain wall ever since we moved into our apartment a year ago. I wasn't sure really what I was looking for but when I saw these and the half off sale price I didn't blink an eye. Here's a close up of the blue one:


moki said...

what ARE those shoes and do they come in green?!! I love them!
moki (

Stephanie said...

Hi Moki! They are Privo's (by Clarks). The style is called Colada and yes they do come in green. I got them from zappos, here: .