Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thrift Running

Have I ever told you how much I love my neighborhood in DC? I live on a beautiful street lined of old classic rowhouses that is close to many parks, restaurants, etc. When I started training for my triathlon, I would normally run through the park but I quickly grew tired of this route and so I now enjoy my runs through the neighborhood streets. This not only allows me to get in some hill workouts, but it also gives me an opportunity to gawk at all the beautiful houses in this area.

Early into my run this morning I saw a sign for a neighborhood garage sale. Seeing all the beautiful things that craft bloggers have scored from garage sales and thrift shops, I decided on my way back from my run to stop by and see what kind of goodies I could find.

At one stand I found this vintage 1968 McCall's Sewing Book. I've been trying to increase my severely lacking craft book collection and was really excited to find this. The book is in pretty good condition. It mainly gives instructions on how to sew clothes. I don't currently sew any clothes but I know that someday in the (near?) future I plan to and think this will be a good reference to have on hand.

Tucked into the front cover of the book was this hip vintage sewing pattern.

I like the shirt style, so maybe I'll try out this pattern next summer. I'm thinking the shirt would look great with an Amy Butler style fabric.

I also found this wonderful little 1973 PlantCraft book. I don't have much of a green thumb. Somehow I have inhereted/been given/given refuge to a few left behind plants over the years. Until I got cats, the plants managed to somehow stay alive. The cats killed two plants (did you know cats enjoy eating spider plants?). Now I have two large plants left. I'm not saying that I'm a terrible plant owner, I just tend to forget more often than remember to water the plants. Also, I'm not sure that I give the plants the best environment to thrive. Our sunniest room in the apartment is also the smallest, so the plants would crowd the place if we gave them shelter there. I hope that this book will give me some good tips on how to be a better plant owner.

However, truth be told, I am more excited about the fun illustrations that adorn the inside pages. Check out these funky snails!

These little guys are giving me inspiration for my much needed blog banner.

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Yes, those little snails are certainly singing out "use me in you blog banner!"