Monday, October 16, 2006

My Letters

I took Latin for three years and one week of my high school career. During my junior year, I dropped Latin and signed up for Art instead. It was really happenstance that I ended up in Art, for it was the only other elective class that was open during that time period.

I loved Art class so much that I signed up for Art II during my senior year. My new teacher really inspired me and believed in me. Halfway through the year, she invited me on a special field trip to the Museum of Women in Arts in Washington, DC. Every art teacher in the county was allowed to invite 2 of their best female students. My art teacher chose me!

These photos are some of the art pieces I sent to my partners for Moki's letter swap. I learned the tempera resist technique during my high school art career and really enjoyed the process. The idea for these pieces came to me one morning. Funny how my greatest ideas come to me right before or after sleep. I really must start keeping a pen and paper on my nightstand! I hadn't done this type of painting since high school and was worried about how it would turn out. When I washed the ink away, I was filled with awe and surprise when the final piece starting revealing itself to me.

I'm really happy with how the pieces turned out and I hope my swap recipients enjoy them. I really look forward to having time soon to do more of these.

In case you're wondering, I've never regretted dropping Latin for Art, but I do regret not taking art in college.


Regina said...

These are great. The paint technique adds such texture. Very cool.

I got your handstamped fabric over a week ago and just haven't had time to let you know (sorry). Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity! I love it all!

em said...

I got your letter swap E the day before I left for a long vacation and didn't have a chance to thank you for it yet. I really like it! And I've just the perfect place for it.

I'll be posting about my received letters soon (I'm still recovering from jet-lag), but I just wanted to tell you THANKS!


Raesha D said...

I love your initials!! Wasn't this an awesome swap?? Moki is the best!

Ziomal said...

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