Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bed Bugs

When my sister Kathy was expecting her first child she enlisted my help to decorate the nursery. She didn't want anything too cutesy but she wanted something original. It also had to have ladybugs. So one afternoon, I packed up my paint box (my sisters often tell me to "bring the paints" when I come to visit) and brushes and set out to work.

To make sure we didn't go overboard with the bugs, we cut out paper shapes about the size that we wanted to final bugs to be. We then taped these to the wall in various layouts before choosing what we liked best. I learned this trick from a magazine a few years ago and have been utilizing it ever since. The whole process really only took a few hours. I used basic craft acrylic paints (gotta love 'em!).

The best part about this day was the delight my sister had when she discovered that she can paint afterall! For the longest time she would insist that she can't paint and that I got all the creative genes in the family. But after I showed her how to paint a ladybug and bee, she was painting her own like a pro.

It is no surprise that my niece loves anything having to do with ladybugs now.