Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A room without a view but with some very cool stuff

This is the view from my kitchen to the backroom. This room may not look like much, but it holds things very dear to my heart: my sewing machine, fabric, and even Bo is there more often than not. Peter and I reorganized the apartment last weekend and the backroom became my new sewing room. Oh to have four walls! No more sewing in a dark corner in the dining room for me.

I have plans to really spruce this space up. Those plans are on hold though until after I get back from vacation. Sewing sundresses for vacation is the priority around here these days (see that one on the ironing board?).

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Sarah said...

Just found your blog through Tiffany and thought i'd say hi! I really love the clothes you sew, and such beautiful material! I've been thinking about sewing my own clothes for a while now (made bags and things but never clothes...) and your blog has really inspired me, thank you!