Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fabric stash storage

Up until a few months ago I stored all of my fabric in large plastic bins. There were two main problems with this method: 1) I couldn't remember what fabric I had since I couldn't see it and 2) I sewed less from my stash because it was too daunting a task sometimes to even think about digging through multiple bins to find the fabric I had (that is, if I even remembered it). So, I came up with a solution.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

We dedicated one of the bookcases in our hallway into fabric storage. Since this is the main hallway in our apartment, I wanted to cover it to keep it presentable when guests come over (there is a reason I'm only showing you that first's the only one that is neatly folded!) and also to keep out dust and cat hair. I bought about five feet of velcro and applied it all around the front of the bookcase and onto some fabric that I measured out to the size of the bookcase. It's worked out great! I now know what fabrics I have and I've been sewing from my stash a lot more than I used to.

I know when I have too much fabric when the curtain starts to bulge (and that's pretty often)!


loopylulu said...

Great way to organize. I'd be a little scared to put my fabric out in the open where people would stare at me with eyes wide open every time they saw it. You're brave =)

Reethi said...

Great idea! (And I love your stash! Its so pretty!)

beki said...

I have my fabric hidden behind a curtain too. Sometimes I just don't want to see it!

Amanda said...

You should leave it open! Show your passion. My stash is scattered around my house, and a lot of it is on my guest room dresser... guests just gotta deal with it :-)