Monday, April 14, 2008

I got nothing

Oh, I seem to curse myself whenever I say I will finish something soon. My weekend was unexpectedly busy, filled with spring flings, birthday dinners, shopping, and even cleaning out my closets (I had to justify the shopping somehow). I didn't buy anything I could make easily, instead I bought a whole new wardrobe of basic T-shirts. You have to love the Old Navy clearance section sometimes.

So, I have nothing to show you sewing/crafting wise. Instead, I'll show you some patterns I picked up recently which I may or may not make soon (trying to avoid the curse). I'd like to make the dress above in linen for a cute and simple summer dress.

I love this skirt pattern. I picked up a lot of cotton prints recently which will look great in this design. I love it when I recognize the fabric they use in the design picture.


Adrienne said...

Cute skirt pattern! I think I have that one and some fabric that would work with it!

Philigry said...

love those patterns! i can not wait to see your creations!