Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fabric Scrap Giveaway - Winner!

Wow, where did the past week go? I think I realized at the beginning of the week that my wedding is only a few months away and it's just been wedding, wedding, wedding around here. It's been fun stuff though but I have neglected this space as a result.

First off, I can't believe how many people want scraps! I am going to have to do more scrap giveaways in the future, now that I know they have happy homes to go to. Thank you to everyone who entered. You all had great suggestions! Read through the comments from the last post if you ever need any ideas on what do with those ol' scraps.

Without further ado, the winner of the fabric scrap giveaway is Artsy Momma who said "I am making linen bags for my daughters toys. I would use the scraps for the appliques." Congratulations Artsy Momma!


Unknown said...

This is so exciting thanks!!!

maria said...

I've just seen that you had 486 comments. Thats incredible. It's amazing how a giveaway can attract so many people. Your in-box must have nearly burst!