Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I wanted to write about all the reasons why I don't sew much these days.  Why I don't come here very often.  I'll give you two.  

 The bug

The bee

Tell me, how do you find time to do things to feed your soul?  How do you carve out a space in your day/week/month for just you?  


erinmalia said...

Nighttime! I believe strongly in bedtimes, and for us, those bedtimes are early. We have our evenings to be adults, whether that time is spent doing nothing, running, watching tv, or sewing. also, saturday morning long runs...preferably with good friends.

hydeeannsews said...


i think all moms struggle with this and you have obviously chosen to spend your time where it is most worthwhile right now. the kids are not here for ever, even though it seems like it when they are so young. it seems to me many of us don't get the balance right but if you're not here too often, you surely must be doing well.

i have 7 kids and homeschool. sometimes i stop the world and sew no matter what but usually i try to remember where my priorities lie for now and just eek out bits of time when i can. you'll be surprised how your projects build up over time. focusing on enjoying the process and not just rushing towards a finish, no matter how much i love/want those, helps, too.

i understand your dilemma! hang in there. =) someday you will be glad you chose to be a present, involved mom rather than a great quilter who made so many wonderful quilts. the time for that will come, so i hear.

oh, and giving up tv as a family when our first was a baby has worked wonders in lots of ways!