Sunday, February 26, 2006

We're live, baby!

Stephanie Lynn Studio is finally live (see, I really wasn't lying about all those coming soons)! I thought it time to unveal the project I've been pouring my heart and soul into for a while now. Go ahead, don't be shy, take a look:

To celebrate the grand web opening, I am offering free shipping on all orders from now until the end of March. Also, since I love getting goodies, I'll probably throw in some goodies with each order as well. :)

Triathlon training news

Today was day 4 for swimming. Since the pool was busier than last week, B. and I had to share a lane with another swimmer. It definitely helped motivate us to keep swimming rather than stop and hang out like we had been doing. We managed to get in 27 'laps'. Only 13 more and we'll be ready for the triathlon. Of course, we'll have to do 40 'laps' non-stop, but hey, we're working on it!

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