Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Someone reads me!

Now, internet, I have not been the best blogger. I must admit that I am amazed at how cool and timely other blogs are out there, and mine cannot even compare. But, today I realized that someone, at some point, has read this blog! Mo, my apologies for discovering this a month later. By the way, you (if anyone else reads this) all should check out her stationary and cards...Froy and Olo Design. She has some amazing beautiful things on there that are definitely worth checking out. This design is one of my favorites:

I'm thinking that my 3 year old niece would love some personalized stationary!

Triathlon Training News

Well, the warm weather we had this weekend definitely was an excuse to get outside and put some miles in. Ok, all of 'almost' 4 miles, but I like how 'putting some miles in' sounds. I had an amazing run and thought yet again that if I lived in a 70 degrees year round climate I would most definitely be in amazing shape. It's hard to run when it's cold, and in contrast, too hot outside. Ho hum. Today I donned a long sleeve shirt and ran around the Mall (that's the National Mall...ie Smithsonian ok? I did NOT run around a shopping mall). The run was ok...a little windy for my tastes.

Beth and I have been swimming twice a week now. We are still working on endurance and increasing our laps. I think the best thing about signing up for the triathlon is discovering how enjoyable it is to swim. I love it and look forward to swimming laps. Isn't it great discovering something new? Especially when that something is free and good for you!

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mo said...

Hey cool- to open your blog page and see my card! Thanks for the comment on my blog- I found the fabric online at www.fashionfabricclub.com
just put printmaker into the search and it will take you to the right page. They didnt have the purple but they had another colorway. Have a great day!