Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Did I tell you that I am not only a labor economist by day, a designer by night, and a budding triathlete in between, that I am also a part-time graduate student? My co-workers lamented this afternoon at my lack of attendance at happy hour lately. They think I have my priorities mixed up. I'm thinking they might be on to something.

I enjoy learning. I really, really do. But why oh why must you make me write up a report analyzing the results of my cognitive interviews? Oh yeah, it might actually help the survey for the client (yes, our class this semester, and next, has a real money paying client).

I've never been one to get work done ahead of time. I tried for a very long time. Every semester of college I vowed to turn a new leaf but halfway through the semester I gave up my plans. Now I don't really even try because I know that I'll be up late the night before working on it no matter what. So I try to spare myself the extra time of worrying and trying to get motivated. Yeah, my paper is due tomorrow, I'm only half-way done (I'm lying, I've only done about a third of it) and here I am talking to you about procrastination. Fitting, isn't it?

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