Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The stress free life

Well, stress free for the time being. Every kink in my body is gone. The stress knots that normally build up in my neck and shoulders have packed up and moved on . The aching of my feet and calves after the run yesterday - non existent. What, my friends, could have caused the aching to disappear into oblivion you ask? Tonight, I had a full body massage. All I can say is...Ahhhhhhhhhhh (that's a sigh ahhh, not the screaming kind). Why oh why do I not get these more often???

In training news, the Richmond Avenue 10K is in three days. Am I ready? Ummm, kind of. To be honest with you I have not stuck to the training plan 100%. It's been more like 75%. I skipped a few (ok, a little more than a few) and my long runs weren't as long as planned. But I have been consistent with running 4 miles for the past few weekends. I'm actually quite impressed with my adaptation to running outside. You see, I've been accustomed to the treadmill for so long that I would only venture outside if it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I just couldn't stay indoors without a guilty feeling of missing out on great weather in a city that is so sporadic with great weather. However, yesterday, as I began a 3 mile run on the treadmill, I started to feel a little more bored than usual. By the .5 mile mark I couldn't take it anymore. I donned a long sleeve shirt and ran 3 miles around the Mall and enjoyed it immensely. Tomorrow I plan on running outside again. The extra Cherry Blossom Festival tourists will be great motivation to run a little faster (am I showing off?) and longer, I hope.

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