Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The First of Many

Lately I have been obsessed with sewing clothes. I don't know what exactly started it, (Could it be Erica's inspirational blog? Or maybe Marirob's?...) but instead of spending my money shopping for clothes, I've been spending it on fabric and patterns. Here is the first shirt I've ever made:

The pattern I used is Simplicity 3927. It was surprisingly easy to make. My friend Cori gave me this knit fabric over two years ago. The hardest part about sewing this shirt was cutting out the fabric to make sure I had a good, symmetrical pattern layout (I didn't want a flower to be right in the center of the bust). Because it is a knit fabric, I omitted the zipper called for by the pattern. I am still getting used to pattern sizes (they are not the same sizes as pre-made clothes!). I had to take in the sides and it is still a little too big in the bust area. However, it's not so big that I can't wear it. I think next time I will use a smaller size.

There is a lot more sewing going on behind the scenes over here. I'm also working on putting together a mini-tutorial for the crochet bag which I hope to post soon.

*I just found out this pattern is out of print so it might be hard to find in stores. However, you can still buy it on the Simplicity website.


marirob said...

What a beautiful top! The fabric color goes so well with your skin tone. Isn't it crazy getting used to the pattern sizes? I constantly feel like I'm guessing. Great job!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

cute top! i know, sewing clothes is so addicting!

thank you for your comment on my blog. to answer your question, i simply bought piping to use for the belt. (for that brown dress.) i know people make their own but i've been too lazy to do that so far.

happy sewing!