Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Things Week

Since my birthday is this week, I thought I'd celebrate it all week long by posting a favorite thing every day this week. I hope you'll share your favorite things too!

One of my favorite things is the first big snow storm of the season. Washington D.C had a record breaking snow storm this past weekend. It was a good excuse to stay close to home and make biscuits and beef stew to share with friends.

All that snow left my arms tired though. No, not from shoveling.

From quilting. I finished quilting my Pieced Together Quilting Bee block quilt! And oh, how I love it. Now I just need to bind it and throw it in the wash.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday. Your picture of the snow is beautiful.

kristin said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is this week,'s to "Christmas" birthdays!

Britt said...

Happy birthday! Congrats on finishing the quilt!