Monday, December 07, 2009

Little boxes on a hillside

(1. My Town quilt- a beginning, 2. little house quilt in progress, 3. house mini quilt)

Yes, people, we have houses on our brains these days over here. And I'm not talking about houses made out of fabric either (although I do think about those too). Wish us luck as we embark on this real estate adventure!

In other news, it is officially cold outside! At least I have a good excuse to drink hot chocolate, not that I really needed an excuse before. I highly recommend this delightful mix (introduced to me by my sister-in-law). Stay warm, friends.


Valerie said...

Ooh, thanks for the hot chocolate mix idea! I make homemade marshmallows every year, and I think this will be perfect to give as well to the neighbors. And your site seems to be the cheapest as well, so thanks for that, too! Hope you are staying warm and dry!

Ilene said...

A teaspoon of this hot cocoa mixed in a cup of coffee is heavenly; Ali taught me that trick.