Sunday, May 20, 2007

One can always dream

Out of the five things I had hoped to finish this weekend, how many did I manage to cross off? One! That's right, only one. Actually, I'm cheating by saying I finished that one thing because it really isn't finished finished but I'm not going to let a little hem get in the way of achievement. In my defense, we did move couches across counties and cleaned out our closets which kind of put a damper on the rest of the list.

So, I "finished" the linen jacket this weekend. I still don't have access to picture software, but I'll post a teaser photo:

I'll write more about the jacket and the process when I post pictures of the finished piece. All I will say right now is that they definitely left "easy" off the of description on purpose.

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tiffany... said...

i don't think i got one thing done on my list this weekend...
but, i did manage to make it longer!