Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When it's hot, it's hot

The past few days have been hot around here. Thankfully, I finished my breezy summer top just in time for the heat. I found this fabric on sale at Joann a few weeks ago and was inspired to make an Anthropologie-esqe type blouse.

I used Simplicity 4127, View E for the pattern. This top was a little difficult for me to make. The first problem I ran into was just getting used to working with slinky/thin/non-cotton material. The second problem I found was the elastic neckband. The instructions didn't say the proper way to sew elastic onto fabric. After consulting an elastic guide pamphlet (from Joann's), I used a long zig zag strip. All you sewers out there, is this the correct method? The third problem I ran into was my decision to alter the pattern by using an invisible side zipper instead of the back zipper called for by the pattern. In the end, I'm glad I made that decision, but it took a couple of seam rips before I finally figured out how to make the alteration work properly.

If you've looked at the pattern, you probably noticed that View E is supposed to be a strapless top. In the end, I decided that I liked the look of straps better. Yes, I am kicking myself just a little over all that trouble with the elastic that I didn't end up needing!


Katie Jean said...

So cute! I love that fabric too. I just bought a tank top pattern, but haven't even come close to starting it yet!

tiffany... said...

oh... it's so lovely!
i'm feeling inspired to create a summer top!