Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kathy's bag

I made this bag nearly a year ago for my sister Kathy's birthday. She has always been a big fan of my creative endeavors. When I decided to start selling my bags last year (which I've since put on hold in order to take care of this business), she was right behind me with a ton of ideas and support. She's pretty crafty herself. For example, she made her own curtains and she made my niece's and nephew's crib bedding, which she literally put sweat and tears into. She also has an amazing house which she's worked very hard on. Currently her and her husband are building their very own potting shed! For her birthday she requested a bag with a zipper closure, something I had never done up to that point. I've always designed my own bag patterns, so it never occurred to me to consult a pattern. It took a little time to get my head around how I would construct it properly, but after a little thought I figured it out. I also designed the bag so that she could change the ribbon up for a completely different look. The bag was a huge success. She still loves it and uses it as her primary bag to this day.

Peter and I are heading to Cleveland this weekend for a friend's wedding. I didn't have any trouble packing my bags. I'll be rockin' the handmade dresses: I'm wearing this to the rehearsal dinner and this to the wedding.

Next week I promise to share photos of all the projects I've been working on. Have a great weekend folks.


tiffany... said...

whoo hoo... i'm so loving wearing handmade clothing! i feel like a whole new world has opened up to me... and i've even decided to knit all my winter cardigans (something i can never stick to)!
have fun in cleveland! i'm sure you'll be the most stylin' lady at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

I love this bag! Simple but stylish - that ribbon trim really finishes it beautifully.

Katie Jean said...

love the bag! Have fun this weekend!

UK lass in US said...

Love the bag.