Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's lookin' at you, 2009

1. Asymmetrical skirt, 2. Kimberly bag modeled, 3. Ruffled Wristlet, 4. Fruition,
5. Flowergirl dresses, 6. Elissa's Quilt, 7. Chuppah, 8. Quilted and Binded,
9. Fabric bunting, 10. Hopscotch Quilt, 11. Wonderland sewing machine cozy, 12. Napkins!

A lot happened this year. I found a job I really enjoy, welcomed my best friend's new baby, created the most wonderful wedding Peter and I could have hoped for, got married, honeymooned in Italy, and enjoyed time spent with friends, family, and my sewing machine (but of course!).

I also participated in my very first virtual quilting bee.

It's been a great year. Thank you for visiting this little space o' mine through it all.


Anonymous said...

Love looking at all the blocks! Time for the annual mosaic I guess.

Autumn said...

I love the quilt blocks!